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Wedding Rings - the Rings of Love

The wedding ring – traditionally and even in modern times – is a symbol of love and fidelity. It is believed that the practice of wearing wedding rings originated in Egypt. It is typically a closed circle with neither beginning nor an end, symbolizing the lifelong and unending commitment of a couple’s love and marriage. It is endless and eternal, just the way love should be. Across different cultures and nationalities, the wedding (and also the engagement) ring is often worn on the fourth or ring finger of the left hand because the vein in this finger was believed to be connected directly to the heart.

Wedding and engagement rings have long been one of my favourite projects to work on. The importance of the occasion and the joy and hope associated always make my work worthwhile. I also look forward to working with couples on the design of their ring, taking into account their lifestyles as well as their history and hopes as a couple. Certainly not a task to be taken lightly !

For more information on our wedding rings and wedding and engagement ring services, or if you would like to customise your very own bespoke piece of designer jewellery, do reach out to us here

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