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Behind the Scenes - Running a Jewellery Business

Whenever I tell people that I am a jeweller or a jewellery designer who customises fine jewellery and sells gemstones, the first reaction I usually get is - "You are so lucky !" or "So fun!". True - running a jewellery business, for me at least, is extremely enjoyable as I get to work with beautiful gems, jewels and fine metals like gold and platinum. However, my jewellery business is NOT about flipping through a fashion or jewellery magazine and pointing to a picture or a desired outcome or ordering ready made or ready designed jewellery from a mass manufacturer.

Instead, my jewellery creations are individually designed and customised, and much of my work involves researching not just designs that resonate with a customer, but (as a metalsmith) also looking into the ability to fabricate and construct the desired jewellery piece. In addition, a lot of time is also spent on planning, looking at numbers, drawing up proposals, evaluating gemstone and raw material suppliers, carrying out quality control of fabricated jewellery pieces (whether customized or bespoke or ready-to-wear), business development and administrative matters, amongst others things. And one of the most important areas that take up my time as a jewellery designer – is continuing my learning journey as a professional jewellery and gemstone specialist. Truly all in a day’s work !

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