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Band style - what's that?

One of the important considerations when I design a ring for a client is to discuss the band type to have as part of the ring. This is particularly important in wedding rings, as the entire focus is the band itself, and not usually a central gemstone. These are a few of the often seen types of bands - either used as wedding bands, or as part of a ring.


As its name implies, a flat band is essentially - flat. Its cross section is typically rectangular, giving it a more modern and contemporary look and feel. Flat bands also work well as stackable rings for a more integrated look.


A comfort fit band is a band that has a rounded interior. Its cross section would be slightly oval. This is one of my favourite band types as it is super comfy. Take care though not to have it too loose – comfort fit bands don’t grip the finger as much as regular flat bands so the risk of sliding off is greater if it is not snug enough.


The half-round band is a more classic design. This band has a rounded top section. The interior of the ring can either be flat or comfort fit. The is a very popular band type and used in many ring designs as it is versatile.


Diamond bands feature small prong, flush or channel set diamonds. Diamond bands which have diamonds that encircle the whole ring are called Eternity rings and are popular as wedding or special occasion rings. Diamond bands are popular as they add a touch of opulence to one’s ring.

These are just a few designs which are available for bands. Whichever your preference, we have plenty to offer you. For viewings and customization service, click here.

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